Championing a call to action, the Wildwood Performing Arts Foundation is embarking on a project that will breathe life, energy, and hope into our beloved community.

In collaboration with local schools, educators, and parents, Wildwood Performing Arts Foundation will launch a poetry contest for local schools—grades 3 through 8. Poems will be based on the themes of HOPE, FRIENDSHIP, and COURAGE. Two winners from each participating school and grade will be submitted to the foundation at the end of April, 2021. From there, a team of local musicians and songwriters will write songs using the lyrics of the students’ poetry. The project will culminate on the last weekend in June with a live concert celebrating and honoring the students. At the concert, awards will be given in the form of instruments, vocal lessons, guitar and piano lessons, music education, and gift certificates to local restaurants, retailers, and music stores.

Interested in participating?

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Utilizing the performing arts as a vehicle for education.

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