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Wildwood Performing Arts Foundation believes that arts education should be relevant and accessible in each and every classroom. The arts should serve as a mandatory part of education, not simply a luxury. 

Our mission is to use the performing arts as a vehicle for education, with direct emphasis on the unique tapestry of our American heritage.

Our participants and audiences will benefit through multi-faceted opportunities to experience creative programming geared toward arts education, cultural enhancement, and the preservation of our own distinct American legacy through music and dance.​

How do we accomplish our mission?

Wildwood Performing Arts involve offers high caliber workshops, concerts and educational events to the community, with a focus on our uniquely American musical heritage. We also seek to provide creative programming in music education for underserved students in the county of Sacramento that align with California state curriculum standards.

Over the long term, we seek to enrich our community through performing arts education in music, dance, and theatre; and to enhance those offerings with curriculum that aligns with state standards for the performing arts and for Common Core.


Wildwood Performing Arts also seeks to develop relationships with experts in music, dance, and theatre across the country, opening a door to offer our community the opportunity to engage with influencers, and reflect on ideas from all American perspectives.

Wildwood Performing Arts Foundation is an arts education nonprofit, based in Folsom, CA.

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